Hole Punch Happy

My favorite part of out of doing this blog is this one moment, right after I decide what I want to bake. Where I start designing what I want to create. I can set intentions for my ceramic piece; what do I want it to say, what do I want it to feel like, or what mood do I want it to create. It's been hard for me to find a voice in my ceramic work, a medium, that I only recently discovered. Trying to find a style people can recognize, when there is still so much that I have to learn is near impossible. However the process of creating something especially for a certain type of food, lets me focus on the task at hand. I can experiment, challenge forms, and discover what type of designs i'm drawn towards.

This bowls for example were thought-out, sketched, and colored on paper before I ever set down to make them. I also made a list of words that I wanted to be the focus of the piece: happy, light-hearted, and quirky were my favorites (these words have been a running theme throughout the rest of my work as well) . After my plan was complete I set out to portray those words in the building process.


The form is simple, with a wide, welcoming rim. The foot was meant to stand out, something bigger than I thought it needed to be. It definitely enhanced the quirkiness, kind of like a gangly teenager. Next is the holes, they are the epitome of light-hearted! They not only make the bowl lighter, but they make it fun, since there is not really a consistent pattern. The addition of bright happy glazes, makes these berry bowls a joy to wash fruit in.