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Hi my name is emily, I am an artist living and working in Bozeman MT. I started this blog because I wanted to start living life by my own rules. I am currently working full-time to save up money to go back to school. I wanted to start something that would turn this abrupt halt in my life into something positive, a way to keep me in the studio, and finally have a reason to bake all the things I have never had the time to do before.

Ceramics and baking are wildly different, but somehow at the end of a work day they are the two things I go to first when I come home. Carbs and the plate I put them on, get me through the day, and hopefully through the rest of this phase of my life. Basically this blog is something to get the creative juices flowing, something that helps me stay humble, and most importantly, something to help me continue my plans for a happy future.