A Maker's Mark

A Maker's Mark


Last week, Bob went on a quick trip to Portland, Oregon because he is a good uncle and his family needed some help moving across the country. If that wasn’t already enough, he went and brought me back a danish from Petite Provence! What a nice Bob.

I would just like to take a moment to thank all the people who gift with carbs. They are a rare breed, and if you have one, hold on tight.

Anyway, it was apple-y and crumbly and when he gave it to me, I proceeded to gobble it up as quickly as I could. Carbs have played a paramount role in my sanity this month as I’ve been frantically trying to get back into the swing of things-- making test tiles and glazes, all while trying to design the pieces I want to make this year.


The first item on my list was this cake pan! I wanted to make something versatile; something that doesn't have to be stowed away in a bottom drawer of a cabinet until the next time the urge to make a cake strikes. My goal was also to make this cake pan stand out as its own as a great centerpiece! It has simple, clean lines and just enough character to make you want to show it off.


 My absolute favorite part of these pans would have to be their bottoms. I recently got a little stamp made with my logo on it, and I have been a stamping fiend.  It not only feels incredibly satisfying to put my mark of approval on finished pieces, but it’s also an important moment to, in some way, declare that I am making a set of pieces that have my unique style.

An artist's signature, or a maker's mark, is an important part of telling who made the piece. In the short term, a potter's style and aesthetic shines through; but pottery often lives longer than the maker. In some instances, a piece will get passed on through families, or given away many times over. The story and knowledge of the maker of the piece can easily become lost with the owners. A maker's mark will continue to live with the piece and always be linked to the artist who made it. Because of this, I’ve always been a firm believer in signing work. Even in my short time of working with ceramics, my style has changed immensely. If someone was to compare my work from two years ago with the work I am making now, It might not be recognizable as having been created by the same artist… unless you turned it over and saw my mark on the bottom.  

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