Re-thinking Previous Ideas!

Most days before I start making in the studio I like to spend a good chunk of my time sitting in my thinking chair, drinking coffee, (eating) and looking around at my shelves. It gets me warmed up, and gives me a chance to reflect on my studio practice. Over the past few months I have been staring at one of my berry bowls that I made at the start of my blog. It's fun, quirky, and everything I wanted it to be at the time. Now however, it seems clumsy. So to give it a bit of a refresher I added a few handles, gave it a bigger foot, and a few extra holes. A simple improvement, but an improvement nonetheless. 

That's all that really matters.  If I have gotten just a little bit better than where I was a year ago, than I am on the right track! Which is awesome because July has not been kind to my baking endeavors as you can see by most recent post about making a Strawberry Roulade.

Being able to take few extra minutes to reflect, and look back on what I have created. Is helping me chill out and think about what direction I want to go in the studio. 

Here is a fun little clip of me making my re-designed berry bowls. Since I ended up spending most of July in the kitchen struggling to make a cake, I only had time to make a few of these. So I will put them in my shop as made to order pieces for the whole month of August! 








Learning About Glaze!

Getting a Handle! (on motivation)

Getting a Handle! (on motivation)