Soup Crocks

"The pen is blue, the god damn pen is blue!"

However in this case it's a soup crock. A batch of bowls that were supposed to be green, and due to a glaze mishap came out of the kiln like this. Now I do realize that this is a wonderful shade of blue. Mainly because it took me quite a lot of research and time to create it. It was just that this piece was meant to be green, but I somehow mislabeled two types of glaze.... uggghhhh!

Lesson learned. I will pay closer attention to labeling my buckets. After a few face palms and a freshly deflated ego, I can laugh at myself and get back to work.

Now let's talk about handles!

First I should admit that they are not my favorite. Handles are just so time consuming, and personally I don't think I am very good at making them. Which in all honesty means I should be making a lot more of them. Making a large quantity of a certain object seems to help the quality, ya know, after the first hundred or so. 

File_000 (73).png
File_005 (33).png
File_007 (27).png
File_002 (54).png
File_003 (44).png
File_005 (32).png

So for these past few weeks I have been adamantly pushing through handle boredom. Even if I haven't quite hit the hundred mark, I still have made more soup crocks (i'm assuming) than the average person. That has to be a plus right? I"m hoping that 'better' is around the corner, but I would be fine settling for being just 'okay' at making handles. Nobody really likes people who are good at everything anyway. 

(I feel like my go-getter attitude vanished somewhere in that last paragraph).

Honestly as long as these last two batches turn out the lovely shade of green they were intended to be, I will be beyond happy.

File_007 (26).png
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