Soft Pretzels

I am running so behind this month, the super bowl is already over and Valentine’s day is next week! This is probably embarrassing to admit, but this was the only Superbowl we have watched in over four years. We’re just not really football watching people, and we’re really cheap so we haven’t had cable for even longer. This year though we downloaded some Superbowl watching app on our X-Box, and voila we're part of society again.

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It was so much fun, we even chose sides to root for. I didn’t think I would get so caught up in the game, and actually planned to make pretzels and queso to snack on. However I was too busy gloating about the Falcons at the beginning of the game that we ended up just ordering some pizza. When it was over all I had to show for it was a cold, half-eaten Hyalite Pizza from Columbos in my fridge, and an empty handmade chip and dip bowl sitting on my counter. So of course it was only fitting to opt for a personal win, and make some warm, buttery, salty pretzels for Wednesday’s dinner instead.

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The recipe is from the talented Amanda Fredrikson I have always used a recipe that involves boiling the pretzels in baking soda, and I found it so messy.  This recipe was such a nice alternative.