Ireland Inspired Chicken Pot Pie

There is a magical land called Ireland that crept it’s way into my heart and hasn’t left since I visited in May of 2015. It not only has every shade of green you can imagine, but it is also filled with tempting enchantments like elusive furry cows, long winding roads, and bridge building giants. 

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Now there are a couple important rules you have to follow in regards to food when traveling through Ireland, the first and most important is to make reservations. There are of course the usual amazing music playing pubs, that could care less, but then there are the places that simply expect the courtesy. The problem is it's really hard to tell which was which from the outside. I actually planned my entire trip around breakfast in Dublin, I wanted so badly to eat at Herbstreet for breakfast. I crept on Instagram for over a year trying to decide between eggs Benedict or waffles. However due to the fact we didn’t make a reservation we missed breakfast.

I was absolutely crushed, and slightly heartbroken.

Fortunately they did let us stay for lunch so my sadness was short lived. Before I knew it I was stuffing my face with soup and bread. And because I needed it we also ordered some cheesecake to help drown out any bits of wallow still loitering about. Despite the wonderful meal, the disappointment of never deciding on that breakfast choice has haunted me ever since.

So most important tip, Don’t forget to make reservations, people! If you’re not sure just call and check anyway.

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Second thing, Guinness is not the only beer, there is a wonderful selection of craft beers. However a Guinness will never taste as good as it did in Ireland, so drink as much as you can.

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The last and final thing I will suggest, order a pot pie if you can. It was my favorite meal while I was over there, and now everytime I make one I think of a cool sea breeze and fields of green grass

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The filling is my own recipe, I usually just throw things in when i'm cooking. So please adjust as needed, add more vegetables or more liquid depending on your own tastes. Cooking the filling is definitely more laid back than the making the pastry.