Making an Egg Separator

For the month of January, my inspiration for the studio was eggs! My usual process of creating generally begins with a sketchbook that I draw my ideas in, and this time, my brain went right to egg cartons-- thinking of different shapes and styles from the usual slip-casted versions you’d see in a department store. The first versions I made in my studio turned out fine, but I was looking for something more. Something different.

After hitting a certain level of creative block, I went to the kitchen to take a break and bake some merenguitos for my upcoming food post. The recipe called for about a dozen eggs, which was perfect! I needed to hold them, use them, and think about them in a different way. As I was separating egg white after egg white, I started imagining a better way to do it-- maybe a slotted dish that I could attach onto the rim of a bowl.

It was back to the studio to create some mockups! The concept was there, but once I bisque fired them, I couldn’t get the separator to stay on the rims of my kitchen bowls. By chance, I had also fired some some cups in that same kiln load, and voila! It hit me!  Instead of a bowl, I modified my separator into more of a lid attachment on top of a cup-- something more simple, small, and with the perfect amount of quirk!