The Trunchbull Cake

The Trunchbull Cake

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For the month of September I decided to make a cake stand as my featured ceramic piece. Which meant I needed to decide on a cake to bake for it. This was actually a pretty easy decision, because anytime I think about a cake, my mind immediately goes to that scene from Matilda. When the Trunchbull makes Bruce Bogtrotter eat that enormous fudgy, chocolate cake. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, this isn’t your everyday, run of the mill cake. This thing is big, even for my appetite. Now, forcing someone to eat a giant chocolate cake may not sound like the worst punishment in the world, but imagine eating a single piece of cake without some type of beverage to wash it down. Harsh.  

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It definitely gets touch and go there for a second when Bruce lets out a few unsettling belches, but he gets it done. He rises to the challenge, and cleans it off. The audience erupts into applause. There is cheering, and jumping, and all is right in the world. Well, up until the trunchbull breaks a cake platter over his head. It's okay though, don’t worry! Roald Dahl is the best. So everything turns out fine, and I can assure you Bruce eventually gets his revenge.  

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Okay. So, I should probably explain that Roald Dahl is my favorite. Favorite person, favorite author-- he just overall seems like a pretty stand up guy! Even to this day, I still enjoy getting lost in all of the magical worlds he created. This is probably why I think so highly of this cake! It’s indulgent, decadent, and has just a pinch of whimsy. It’s the epitome of a perfect chocolate cake, and I wanted to give my best attempt at recreating it; only this time, I made sure to enjoy every leisurely bite.

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