Nutella Campfire Pops!

It's Popsicle week!

In case you're a newbie, like I was, and don't know. The talented Billy, from Wit and Vinegar puts this wonderful popsicle party together every year. I, sadly, didn't quite have my act together last year, and ended up missing out on all the fun. I was left drooling over the 2016 list. This year though I managed to get it together, and am now part of this talented (hungry) group of bloggers.

I hope you enjoy my contribution to this year's festivities.


While thinking of ideas for a fun new Popsicle flavor my mind instantly went to a summer’s night campfire snack; the classic s’mores. There was a glimmer of hope that people might have thought it too cliche to try. So I went through the Popsicle week archives, and sadly stumbled upon a wonderful s’mores Popsicle post. So, doing another s’mores flavor was off the table.

Until... I remembered a few summers back when I forgot the chocolate bar, for a late night snack with friends. Instead of heading back to the store or using up my dark chocolate rations; I grabbed a jar of Nutella. Ingenious I know, and also...good lord! That thing was tasty. Such a simple twist, but it was a delicious enough idea that I felt like it would be a shame to not share with everyone.

So here’s my version of the classic S’mores, a Nutella Campfire Pop! You can check out the rest of the list here.

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie